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A cam site without some gay live porn? It just won’t do! When we set about to make Camshows247 one of the first categories we worked on was this one. We felt it was important to have a well-defined collection of gay cams that could reflect a wide array of tastes. So, we that in mind, we set sail navigated the rough seas of the internet to find the most interesting, the best, and most creative performers. For you see camming is not about standing still in front of a camera. No, no!

Camming is about putting on an exciting show that members, that’s you, would love seeing and participating in. Our searches proved fruitful and we found ourselves very interesting gay models worthy of being on Camshows247. What sets them apart? Well, amazing NSFW shows with great decor, well-thought outfits, sexy moves, and the list could go on. They really thought of every little detail. And, we didn’t just pick models with experience. We also wanted some fresh faces who can stand to learn a thing or two from you. We also have models who have been cam performers for a while but could still learn some new tricks. Perfect for the teaching. Of course, there are still models with tons of experience who can give you some homework and a maybe a nice spanking in between.

What kind of models can you find in here?Well, we wanted a lot of diversity when it comes to bodies. So you’ll find short, tall, plump or skinny performers. As well as athletic ones with washboard abs. Blondes, brunettes, gingers, even some with wacky hair colors. Others have body piercings, tattoos, if you are into that sort of thing. You can use the filters and tags or the search bar to look for exactly the type of model you want so you can get directly into action.

Speaking of which. How do you get right into action?

Well, after you pick a model you enter his chatroom and then you break the ice, if you want to, and see what happens after that. If you guys like each other you can enter a private chat so you can be alone. Or you can just watch their NSFW shows for free for as long as you want. No need to fear unwanted transactions or such. If you don’t want to spend money, you won’t. We hear you asking what can you spend money on. Good question! First of private sessions. If you want a model only for yourself so you can talk or play together then you can initiate this sort of session. If you want to take it a step further you can have a c2c session which means you both share your webcams so you can see each other and talk freely or help each other reach a mind-blowing orgasm faster. Dealer’s choice. After that you can show your support and appreciation for your favorite models by tipping them, as much or as little as you want, buzzing their toys so you can control their orgasams. You can buzz longer or harder depending on what you feel like. Then you can buy gifts if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty. And this is pretty much it.

Now, we mentioned no hidden transactions before. And it’s true. Camshows247 is safe and secure. You won’t get intrusive ads popping up on your screen, and you will not be paying for anything that you didn’t agree upon first. Whatever purchase you make on our site will show on your credit card statement in a discreet way based on the payment processing company you use (e.g. So only you will know what that payment means. Email wise you will not get any emails from us unless you specifically sign up for anything via your account. Otherwise, complete radio silence. If you do want emails you will get them in a discreet way as well. No site name will be dropped in them.

Now we get to our favorite part: the streaming process.

All our cams can be streamd in HD on any device you like, without any problems. You can do any action you’d like such as tipping, buzzing or starting a c2c session. So, if you go on a trip and want to take your favorite model with you you can do so. Or if you simply don’t want to sit in front of a computer but instead want to lounge about on your bed you can see your favorite performers and spend time with them. We really wanted to make sure you guys aren’t separated and can talk to each other whenever you want to at crystal clear quality.

If you run into any problems, or if you have feedback you want to share with us about the site and how it works, you can do so either via our support page where a member of our team will help your or via our contact page where you can write to us. As for the models, you can leave them feedback directly in their chatrooms. They love to hear from you and to know what you’d like to see. Maybe you want a different decor, or some other outfits, or maybe you think they looked better dressed a certain way. Anything goes as long as you make it in a respectful way.

Which brings us to our last point. Please make sure you are always respectful to the models and to the other members who come to see them. Your turn will come, no need to worry. If you spam the chat or are rude to the performers and the other members you can be kicked out of the room so be aware of that. Now that you are up to speed with all the deets you can go ahead and enjoy Camshows247 and our gay cams in all of their glory. Don’t forget to have fun and lots of orgasms!