Questions & Answers that you will not care about!

We know that when you come to a camming site you have a lot of questions. About the models, about how things work, how to make purchases, how to get refunds, etc. This is why we made this here FAQ page so we can answer your most frequent answers and give you som he help. Of course if you want more assistance you can always go to our customer support page and get in touch with your support team. But the FAQ page is a good place to start if you want a general overview of things without having to interact with anyone.

Ah, yes, the FAQ page. The place where your must-burning questions are answered. Any site needs it, live cam sites even more, so because of the tons of members that come by and want to know what’s what.

Of course, if you need more assistance you can always use our customer support page to talk to our support team and get answers directly from them. It’s your call, really. But we wanted to provide you with both options.

Here you can find info about models, tokens, toys, purchases, chatrooms, and many other things. Sure, we won’t be able to answer all questions but for that purpose, we also have a Contact Us form on our contact page so you can write to us if you want to give feedback or have a special question that you can’t find here. Well, let’s dive in and see what the fuss is all about.

What is Camshows247 all about?

As the name implies we’re all about live cams and amazing performers offering you great NSFW shows 24/7. That’s right. Our models stream all the time. You’ll always find someone online with us so you can always spend your time with a gorgeous babe or hot dude, or a sexy trannie. Camshows247 started from our dream to offer you cams all day ad all night long, no breaks no nothing.

Is Camshows247 free or do I have to pay?

It’s absolutely free. You can watch your favorite models for as long as you want without spending anything. In fact, this was our most burning wish. That person can just enjoy themselves without having to pay. You can talk, and enter their chatrooms whenever you want, it’s honestly awesome. There are no hidden payments nor will we force you to pay if you don’t want to. You can tip the models, but again if you want. Or you can take them into a private session, but only if you feel like it. Otherwise, it’s all free.

How do you select your performers?

We like to search the internet for the best models we can find. They don’t all have to have experience. We welcome fresh faces too. We want to have variety, and maybe there are people out there who would like to teach our models a thing or two. So, yes essentially we look around for people with potential that could benefit from being spotlighted on our site.

What happens if I have an issue to report?

You can always go to your support page and start a chat with one of our support team members. You can always go to our contact page too and fill in a form letting us know what’s the matter, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I purchase tokens?

First, you have to add credits to your account, then, using those credits you can purchase token packages that most suit you. We offer a variety of them, from just a few to a lot depending on what you want to do with them.

What is Cam2Cam?

Cam2Cam is a unique feature that we love. Basically, what it does, is that it allows members to share their camera feed with any model they like. You can do this once you are in a private chat with a performer. However, Cam2Cam is only available on HTTPS/SSL websites. So please pay attention to that before you try it out.

What is an Interactive toy?

Oh, we love this one. An interactive toy is a feature that lets you control a model’s orgasms and happiness level. You can use your credits to buzz their toy for as long and hard as you want and see them moan and squirm in pleasure begging for more. Models who have interactive toys will have a little icon letting you know that you can use that feature. Alternatively, you can also ask the model if they have one and see if you can play with it.

How do I chat with a model?

It’s so easy. Browse our categories and pick your favorite model by clicking on their thumbnail. From then you will instantly be taken into their chatrooms where you can type your heart away. You will find many other members in their chatrooms talking to the models at the same time as you, so if you really like them and the model likes you back you can start a private session so it can be just the two of you.

Can I stream on a smartphone?

Yes, you can stream on any smart device of your choosing. The quality will remain the same. So you can take your favorite model with you wherever you go.

How do I know a model is online?

You can see all the models who are online on the Live cams page. If you go over their thumbnail you get a little preview of what they’re doing in their room. You will also get a pop-up message whenever a model from your favorite list goes online so you can be the first in her room.

Can I check my credit balance?

Yes, in your account you can do just this and more. You will see your little icon on the top right corner of the site, click on it and click balance and you should be able to see it.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. You can on our support page and get in touch with one of our support team members. Let them know what the issue was and they will assist you.

Will my purchases show on my credit card statement?

We like to be discreet when it comes to your privacy so your transactions will appear under different company names based on the payment provider you use (e.g. Epoch.com).

Will I get emails from you guys?

No. Unless you specifically choose to you will not hear from us. Again we want to offer our clients privacy so there is no need to send emails. If we need to communicate with you you will get messages on your profile on the site.